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The most common barriers that keep a personal from moving forward with a hair transplant/restoration procedure are: Denial, Fear of Pain, Fear of Unnatural Looking Result, and Anticipated Cost.

Denial:  Being a country girl from West Virginia, I’m not the most politically correct physician in our group- which at times has my colleagues and marketing director wince at the thought of what might I might say next. But most people appreciate my honesty- so if the kettle is black, I call it black.  If you are bald- I’ll call you bald, or maybe follicularly challenged. Trust me when I tell you those three hairs that you see in your front hairline- or what once used to be your hairline- are not really giving you the sort of coverage you think they are. And the comb over that some of you men have going on really looks worse than just being bald. So get rid of that hairy mirror you’ve been looking through for the past several years and really see yourself for what you are- thinning or maybe even totally bald. But guys It’s OK- Ziering Medical is here to help. We can give you back that hair you might be thinking you still have.

Fear of Pain: Procedures done at Ziering Medical produce very little pain. I tell my patients that going to the dentist is more painful that having a hair transplant/restoration procedure performed by me. And recently one of my patients was a dentist and he held me to my word. It is done under local anesthesia and is very tolerable. After the procedure, the recipient area isn’t painful at all because all of the work is incisional without any tissue being removed. The donor area my produce a mild tight feeling for the first three to four days since tissue was removed and pulled back together with sutures. My own father didn’t take anything stronger than an extra-strength Tylenol, and I’ve had patients who had large sessions up to 3000 or more grafts not take any pain medication. Every person has a different pain threshold, but the majority of patients experience very little discomfort.

Fear of an Unnatural Result: I’ve discussed this fear on another blog. FEAR NOT. Ziering Medical will give you the most natural looking result possible with today’s state-of-the-art Microscopic Follicular Unit Grafting techniques. Just visit our before and after pictures which speak for themselves. We also have lists of patients that are willing to talk to anyone who would like to ask them questions about how their procedure went and what kind of results they received. It doesn’t get any better than Ziering Medical for today’s hair transplant/restoration procedures.

Anticipated Cost: This is an elective, cosmetic procedure, but it is one that is comparable in cost with other cosmetic procedures in the industry such as tummy tucks, nose jobs and breast augmentation. The cost varies from patient to patient based on the number of grafts that one needs to accomplish their desired goal. And we offer several different financing options to give our patients alternative payment methods.

So with all of those barriers now lifted call Ziering Medical for your consultation today- you will be glad you did!