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Are you a man that has it all- except your hair? What a better Christmas gift to give yourself than the gift that keeps on giving- Your Own Hair. It will give you back the confidence and self-esteem that you once had. It will give you the ability to style your hair in more than one way. It will give you the freedom to take off your hat without feeling embarrassed. It will get you back in that swimming pool or ocean that you have been avoiding because your hair looks thinner when it is wet.

Ziering Medical truly understands how hair loss and thinning can affect an individual’s life. I know this all too well- not because I have hair loss, but because my father was bald since his early 20S. He wore a hair system, toupee, for over 30 years. Not only did it look unnatural and he wasn’t fooling anyone, it truly disabled him in terms of activities that he would be involved in because of the fear of it coming off. As a child, my father never once swam in a pool with me or rode roller coasters at amusement parks, and it was all because of that hair system he was wearing. He couldn’t get it wet, and he was afraid that high force winds would pull it right off.  After performing a couple of transplants on my father he felt confident enough to get rid of the hair system. And what a liberating day that was for him. He now truly enjoys his retirement life and I now get to enjoy the activities that I missed with my dad as a child.

Since the genetics of an individual’s hair cycle is such that once the follicle is transplanted from the back to the front it goes into a resting phase for 4 to 5 months, July is the perfect time to have your hair restoration procedure at Ziering Medical. By Christmas you will have the beginnings of a new head of hair and a new lease on life. It truly can be a Happy New Year for you.

And to all the women out there with husbands who need hair- there could be no better Christmas gift. And who knows, maybe then he will buy you that convertible you have always been wanting since he too will now have hair that can blow in the wind. So celebrate Christmas in July with Ziering Medical and have your hair restoration procedure done today! You will be glad you did!