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"What’s the use?  I’m so far gone"  a somewhat reluctant and skeptical prospective patient lamented to me recently during his initial complimentary consultation.  Accompanied to the office by his significant other this gentleman of only modest years and obvious above normal intelligence struck me as someone who, despite prevailing evidence to the contrary, had unnecessarily resigned himself to looking prematurely aged by mistakenly assuming his hair loss was too excessive to remedy.

Yet another example I thought of the failure on the part of our community of hair restoration practitioners to effectively disseminate the good news that has accompanied the tracking of results of improved technology – now fully ten plus years in the making – namely that not only does surgical hair restoration work – in capable hands the results can [ and should be ] be nothing short of amazing !

Outside the scope of this discussion, the elements of optical physics that are at play in creating the miracle of vision as we know it – specifically as they pertain to the vista of a hair bearing scalp – are such that a literal minority of strategically placed and arranged hairs can successfully mimic the appearance of numbers far in excess of those actually transferred. This study confirmed effect is on the order of magnitude of 200 % !  In other words, every hair or follicular unit transferred effectively ‘functions’ as a number twice its magnitude. How long do we usually wait for our investments to double in value ?

What this translates to is the ability to create the visual impression of a full or at least significantly enhanced head of hair – provided of course that significant and appropriate numbers of tissue hair grafts are deployed into the area. By way of full disclosure these numbers may entail two procedural interventions – but the goal is attainable and met on a daily basis in the offices of the finest transplantation surgeons in the land.

So [ hopefully ] another one [ mistaken premise] bites the dust and the knowledge base grows and the appearance of young and old alike who are stricken by this cosmetic nuisance improves, until one day the world [ of hair ] as we know it is a better place – brought to you by the expert hair ‘rearrangers’ at Ziering Medical.