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Patients who have never had a hair transplant procedure are often surprised to learn that the surgeon does not perform every step of the procedure by him or herself.  Veterans of the hair transplant procedure are not only relieved but very comfortable with the fact that the formula for success relies on the surgical team created by the surgeon.  This is imperative because today’s procedure often involves the microscopic dissection of 3000 grafts and subsequent implantation which is all performed in one day.  At Ziering Medical the surgeon will establish a short and long term hair restoration plan which includes surgical and non-surgical treatment options and combinations.  Additionally, your surgeon will outline the treatment zone with a surgical pencil to help you visualize the transformation that will take place with your hair restoration.

Our surgical tech teams are composed of at least five members. They microscopically sliver the donor strip and then dissect the individual grafts into one, two, three or four hair follicular units which are then placed into the recipient sites that have been created by your surgeon.

Our highly qualified and selectively chosen senior staff has been trained specifically in the latest industry and Ziering patented techniques.  Completing a year-long intensive training program is a requirement for every member of every surgical team. We have a Team Leader as well as Surgical Coordinator for every case, so there are always checks and balances during your surgery which is orchestrated by the surgeon.  It’s a very meticulous process that requires great attention to detail over long periods of time. The ability to rotate and tag team fresh hands and eyes, preventing fatigue, insures that the highest quality of care can be delivered to every surgical patient throughout the entire procedure. 

A great surgical team can make a good surgeon even better, but a bad team can make a great surgeon have poor results.  That is why we take great care in hiring, training and continually investing in our Ziering family of surgical technicians. I take great pride in my team whom I consider to be highly skilled craftsmen.  We will not compromise in our staff, as they contribute in making a difference in our patient’s lives every day.