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In many instances in life  e.g.  a new business venture’s chance of success  –   an investment’s likelihood of a positive return on venture capital   –  the percentage chance of an applicant gaining acceptance into a prestigious program – odds of success rated as a " 50:50 proposition "  leave an investor or applicant feeling fairly confident that the outcome will end up favorably for them.  After all, not many of life’s chance events have anywhere near this percentage of positive outcome associated with them.

Fortunately for the recipients of hair transplantation outcomes have not a mere even chance of succeeding but actually a well documented near 100 % success rating as measured by the yardstick of verification of graft survival both short term and long term studies. 

So the ‘surface’ objective of translocating a hair that will survive and grow is not a difficult one to achieve.  What additionally impact the success or failure of the undertaking  – as viewed by the patient once the result is apparent   –  has everything to do with the subtleties and nuances of the procedure’s execution by the architect and designer  – the hair transplant surgeon – and his or her team of allied health professionals that perform  much of the pure labor aspects of the procedure.

The variables within these less obvious and visible aspects of a hair restoration practice are both significant  – given their impact on the result  – and difficult for the prospective patient to ascertain without probing for  ‘proof of performance’ .   

The good news is that all of us who practice at the top of the leader board will be forthcoming in sharing our outcomes with individuals unfamiliar with the standard of work provided by the practice;  both by displays of real outcomes and further by allowing the prospective candidate direct contact with patients who are willing to provide uncompensated feedback to those seeking confirmation of result excellence as measured by the paying customer.   

The take away here ……   Be assertive in stating your wants and needs and ask the tough questions when we are evaluating each other. By doing these simple things your chance of emerging from the experience satisfied with your appearance and your investment begin to approach the numbers we can document in our graft survival studies  – and that’s exactly the place we want you to be and the reason we hone our skills on a continuous basis – to provide you with the best available anywhere at any price.