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Though it becomes more difficult to suspend disbelief as one gains knowledge and awareness throughout life,  I think most all of us still enjoy a feat of magic that is well performed despite knowing full well that slight of hand or optics were involved in creating the effect.

Frequently in the setting of hair loss,  we the affected attempt to become the magician ourselves and through our often amateurish efforts attempt to minimize the appearance of our loss – as exemplified by the various renditions of the comb-over.  Unfortunately the stakes are often greater than a ‘discovered’ card trick – particularly in matters of relationships,   where at least initial impressions are based in large part on appearances  or  the workplace where it has been shown that a relative absence of hair has a detrimental effect on promotion or hiring.  Unfair perhaps but seemingly almost an innate sensibility within our species.

So it is with some relish that we the experienced architects of surgical hair restoration go about our business of creating the illusion of more hair through the utilization of a finite reserve of donor hair. Fortunately we have learned through experience how to artistically arrange the transplanted hair so as to create a maximal impact.  The feat is not trivial in its impact on the recipient’s sense of well being.

Making   ‘a little go a long way’  is one distinguishing attribute of the great hair transplant surgeon which separates he or she from the pack. The novice in the field of surgical hair restoration arrives on the scene entirely lacking the perspective of how to situate hair so as to optimize its performance and so the unsuspecting come away unsatisfied or worse yet become disillusioned about the potential of hair restoration which can and should be a very positive investment in one’s self.

Again the take home message here highlights the importance of the role of research in terms of selecting a provider worthy of the trust you impart them with to improve your appearance.  This is the value we at Ziering speak of when differentiating ourselves from other entities which on the surface offer the same service.

Be careful what you wish for when you choose us because you might just get it !