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Having trudged about this planet for some five decades now keenly gazing about and often fascinated by life’s inequities – both inherited and acquired – it comes as no great surprise to me that for some of us, some of the time, it is a difficult task to assign proper value to elements within our lives.

This is true even when assessing tangible objects much less ethereal concepts such as the moral imperative to acknowledge equality amongst all people despite obvious and substantial diversity and, closer to home in this forum,  the concept of hair density and associated coverage in the setting of genetic hair loss with (super)imposed efforts at restoration.

Difficult enough conceptually to comprehend and somewhat counter-intuitive at its core, overlay the always present emotional component of the affected and one begins to appreciate the dilemma that continues to loom large in the mind of men and women grappling with the question of how best and affordably to manage a condition largely outside of their direct control. 

Hence I postulate, the passivity displayed by so many so obviously [ to we providers ] within the range of benefit of our contemporary techniques.  No wonder then that, as a result, I find my days as a hair transplant surgeon sometimes consumed with effort directed at attempting to convince individuals deprived of hair and feeling admittedly bereft, that, for a modest percentage of their monthly income their angst over this quirk of nature can be rectified and their associated psycho-sexual anxiety assuaged.  A once presumably easy task has proven itself to be more challenging than the execution of the task itself. 

Analyzing the process it appears to me that a paralysis of sorts seemingly grips some individuals as they attempt to sort out   need     [ am I worth it ? ]     effect [ what will it look like ? ]  and cost   [ can I afford it ? ]   related issues.  The result is a frustration with the analysis and and an abandonment of the mission.  Stepping back for a moment from my insider’s vantage point I must concede I am not insensitive to the fact the questions can appear to be slightly daunting.   

After all, if you are born with something it’s natural to feel a sense of entitlement pertaining to this and other related entities whereas conversely if one was never afforded an object or opportunity it feels quite natural to assume this commodity is by rights  ‘out of reach’.  This creates within us a "value scale" that is necessarily arbitrary at the outset by virtue of its inherent lack of perspective.  It is only with a subsequent dedicated effort to task that one begins to develop a more enlightened and expanded view of life’s landscape.  In this regard we all benefit by the availability of yardsticks to measure and compare values.

Thus it was with some relish today that I reviewed the debut of the Lamborghini Reveton,  the latest limited production model from the Italian manufacturer’s storied facilities and now available to a favored few for a mere 1.4M US.  ‘Alas, another yardstick’  I proclaimed aloud as I quickly calculated that I could now accurately state to a prospective hair transplant candidate that he could undergo a procedure for a mere .71 % of what he might pay for a fine automobile [ okay one based on fighter aircraft technology ]  But just the same isn’t  one’s improved appearance worth at least 1 % of the cost of a car ?         

I should think so !   Hopefully my job just became easier and the world will appear a bit more handsome in the months and years to come as more of those in need ‘see the light’ and that incongruent image of the bald man racing down the PCH alone in his exotic foreign automobile will gently fade into oblivion.